More Gardens on Campus

In addition to the Harvard Community Garden at Mt. Auburn, there are several gardens across campus that make up the Harvard Community Garden Network. Each is run by a dedicated team of faculty, staff and students.

The Countway Community Garden

The Countway Community Garden was created by a group of staff, students, and faculty from Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School to provide the Longwood campus with opportunities for education, hands-on gardening experience, and research.

The Garden includes vegetables and a medicinal herb garden based on traditional herbs grown in New England, which can be used to teach students and other members of the community about historical and current herbal or herb-derived treatments. The Garden will also be available as a resource for public health researchers interested in the impact of the urban environment on crops.

2012 is our pilot year, in which we secured a garden space at the Countway Library, installed raised beds, and planned our first annual garden. Though the Garden will operate on a fairly small scale this first year, we hope to expand the project and the Garden in the coming years to provide broader opportunities for community participation.




The Harvard Divinity School Garden

Expressing the Divinity School’s commitment to sustainability, the HDS Garden grows organic vegetables and flowers for the community and serves as a space for quiet reflection, communal celebration, and hands getting dirty.


To serve the needs of the HDS community, broadly conceived, for local, organic food, while educating community members on the ethical issues, individual, communal, and global, that surround sustainable food production and consumption.


The HDS Garden was born in spring 2009 of the collaborative efforts of EcoDiv, the Divinity School’s environmental student group, and the HDS Green Team, a committee of staff from multiple departments committed to decreasing the school’s ecological footprint.

Located on the grounds of the Harvard Divinity School between the Women’s Studies in Religion Program and the Center for the Study of World Religion, the fourteen beds that make up the HDS Garden are intended to foster sustainability as a way of life for the Divinity School community. Since the spring of 2009, the garden has grown organic vegetables and flowers for use at HDS events. Students and staff also hold garden events around issues of sustainable food production and consumption, the celebration of seasonal cycles, and the spirituality of sustainability.

The garden team is committed to improving the quality of life within the HDS community, providing healthy food, work opportunities in the outdoors, inspiration towards increased self- and community-sustainability, and a space where people can breathe, rejuvenate, revive. The garden is open to all members of the HDS community, and is a sacred space where anyone can come, pick up a tool, and work with nature to grow together.




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